E8 | Lexington Modern | Drop in the Gutter

The roof of the Lexington project is a mix of multiple roof types and pitches. A custom gutter with a downspout is recessed into the overhang to manage the volume of rainfall it will yield. The house next door, one of three designed and built by the same original architect and still maintains much of the original mid-century modern features, is toured. New energy-efficient windows are installed.

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E16 | Lexington Modern | Accessible Made Modern

The accessible renovation of the mid-century modern home in Lexington, MA is complete.

E15 | Lexington Modern | Judgement Day

A final review of the geothermal system is done, and a blower door test is performed.

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E14 | Lexington Modern | All in the Family

The homeowners sit down for an interview about their son and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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