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Why Trees Are Living Climate Records

Trees have an environmental record etched into their very wood.

What if Carbon Left Your Tailpipe as Solid Chunks?

Together, all the cars on Earth would leave quite the pile of carbon behind—every day.

Plant Fossils Hint at Arctic's Swampy Past

Learn more about a lush forest that once dominated the Arctic.

What did the East Coast Look Like 3 Million Years Ago?

Scientists dig up ancient clams from the ocean 90 miles from the nearest beach.

Fifty Million Years Ago, the Arctic Was a Warm Swamp

Drop yourself into a modern-day swamp, and that's what the ancient Arctic looked like.

How Carbon Dioxide Warms Planet Earth

Carbon dioxide acts like a heat-trapping blanket, warming our planet.

A Bird's-Eye View of Carbon Emissions

What if carbon dioxide pollution were solid carbon chunks?

This Alaska Community is Losing Sea Ice to Climate Change

See how one small town’s survival is threatened by climate change.

How Earth’s Climate Changed Over the Past 500 Million Years

Learn more about our planet’s Hothouse and Icehouse climates.

How Climate Has Shifted Over Millions of Years

Lake mud from the Russian Arctic tells us that Earth's climate has oscillated in the past.

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