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Why Do We Destroy Nature? / Tackling Inequality

Jared Diamond looks deep into history for clues to help us overcome today's major threats

Will We Be Visited By Aliens? / Can We Eradicate Genocide?

Jared Diamond looks to evolution for clues to the big questions of our era.

Agriculture's Mixed Blessings/How Agriculture Differentiated

Nothing changed human history more than the birth of agriculture, giving us culture.

The Science of Monogamy / Our Mysterious Lifespan

Why do humans live in monogamous couples?

What Separates Humans from Animals?

Dr. Diamond looks to evolution for clues and dives into the origins of human language.

About NHK SPECIAL - Jared Diamond's Rise of the Third Chimpanzee

The NHK SPECIAL: JARED DIAMOND'S RISE OF THE THIRD CHIMPANZEE is a series of lectures featuring Jared Diamond — a UCLA professor and the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Socieities— who traces the footsteps of humanity, from the apes to the challenges of today.

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