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Episode 1

A murder at carnival resembles one a century old, and people suspect the supernatural.

Episode 2

An officer is found dead in the woods. What was Ferro doing at dawn in the forest?

Episode 3

The killer contacts Roque, threatening to out his secret if he doesn't do as he's told.

Episode 4

Vega's ex, Emilio, tracks her down in Neboa. Gael tries to defend her from him.

Episode 5

Alejandro Ulloa is arrested, linked to cocaine trafficking.

Episode 6

Gonzalo was speaking to Ana before she was murdered, and is now being tailed by the Guard.

Episode 7

A mob forms and tries to kill Gonzalo as he is being escorted off the island.

Episode 8

The death of her daughter has sent Monica over the edge – and hunting for her killer.

About Neboa

On the remote island of Neboa, the body of the young woman is found in the "Burato do Demo," a seaside cave surrounded by superstitions and legends. Lieutenant Monica Ortiz is brought in to investigate, but the locals already know who the killer is: Urco, a man with a wolf’s head who comes out of the sea to kill during carnival. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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