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How Starfish Changed Modern Ecology

Witness scientist Bob Paine's breakthrough discovery.

Gaining Vision Underwater

Mary Power's love for aquatic life began when she realized she could see better underwater

How Wildebeest Saved the Serengeti

This breakthrough study shows how wildebeest are the keystones to the Serengeti.

Scientist Profile - Jim Estes

Jim Estes got his start as an ecologist by chance.

Scientist Profile - Mary Power

Mary Power is a freshwater ecologist who has spent her life studying river ecosystems.

Scientist Profile - John Terborgh

John Terborgh has spent a lifetime studying the Amazon rainforest.

Scientist Profile - Bob Paine

Bob Paine was one of the greatest ecologists of all time.

Scientist Profile - Tony Sinclair

Tony Sinclair arrived in the Serengeti in 1965, looking to study the wildlife.

Otters & Orcas: An Alaskan Mystery

Jim Estes tries to figure out what caused the collapse of a once-thriving kelp forest.

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Undercover in the Jungle

Go undercover in the untouched Amazon jungle & meet some of the most incredible creatures.

Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 1: Paradise

Experience the array of wildlife of the Okavango Delta.

Okavango: River of Dreams - Episode 2: Limbo

Delve into the landscape and wildlife of the delta of the Okavango River.

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