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How Carnivorous Caterpillars Attack Their Prey

Nearly all caterpillars are herbivores, but not this one.

Can Goats Predict Volcanic Eruptions?

The unusual behavior of a herd of goats suggests they may know when a volcano may erupt.

Volcanic Theory of Water

The origins of water on earth have long been debated, what if it was always here?

Inside Nature: Behind the Scenes of "Living Volcanoes"

Join the team of researchers and filmmakers featured in Living Volcanoes.

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The Egg: Life’s Perfect Invention

David Attenborough reveals the wonder behind these incredible miracles of nature.

American Spring LIVE: Episode 1 - Birth and Rebirth

Celebrate spring in this live event broadcast from iconic locations across North America.

American Spring LIVE: Episode 2 - Migration

Witness the springtime migrations of butterflies, birds, bison & bats.

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