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Inside Look: American Spring LIVE

Get an inside look at NATURE's upcoming live broadcast event.

Spring Time-lapse

Witness the change from winter to spring in 60 seconds.

6 Facts to Show Your Spring Savvy

Get spring savvy with these fun facts about the season!

Meet Nanne Kennedy & Her Sheep

Get a sneak peek at a few of the woolly stars of our upcoming live broadcast.

Sequoia Fun Facts

Brush up your knowledge with a few fun facts about the world's oldest trees.

Watch a Baby Lamb Take Its First Steps

Here's an exclusive look at what to expect in our epic three-night broadcast.

SciStarter Crash Course

SciStarter is the place to find, join, and contribute to science.

Bird Cams Lab Crash Course - English

Contribute to bird research directly from your computer!

Bird Cams Lab Crash Course - Spanish

Bird Cams ha proporcionado una vista de pájaro a más de un millón de personas al año!

Bear Cub Check Up

Meet a few of the newest bear cubs in Savage River State Forest.

Watch a Lamb Being Born

Watch a lamb being born into the world on Nanne Kennedy's wool farm.

Citizen Science Story: Bird Cams Lab

See how Bird Cams Lab helps one man connect with nature.

More Episodes

American Spring LIVE: Episode 2 - Migration

Witness the springtime migrations of butterflies, birds, bison & bats.

American Spring LIVE: Episode 3 - Connections

See first-hand how the changing climate might affect crucial connections in nature.

Octopus: Making Contact

The octopus is the closest we may get to meeting an alien.

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