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Extended Interview: Beau Dick on the Family of Mankind

Beau Dick, the late great Kwakwaka’wakw chief and artist reflects on the power of family.

Extended Interview: Jim Enote on Lessons from Farming

Zuni elder Jim Enote reflects on lessons learned from farming.

Extended Interview: Leigh Kuwanwisiwma on Corn as Teacher

Hopi elder Leigh Kuwanwisiwma has learned many life lessons from corn.

Extended Interview: G. Peter Jemison on the Longhouse

The Seneca faithkeeper on how the longhouse was constructed and what it meant.

Traditional Wampum Belts

Marcus Hendricks continues the tradition of making Wampum beads by hand.

Totem Poles

Alan Hunt and Beau Dick share the real story of totem poles.

Corn is King

A look at traditional Native American crops and agricultural practices.

Clan Mother

The history and mythology of Clan Mothers and continued female leadership.

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Learn How To Make Sumac Lemonade

Sumac berries lend themselves for a lemony-earthy flavored spice or in a beverage.

New World Rising

Discover how resistance, survival and revival are revealed.

Cities of the Sky

Discover the cosmological secrets behind America’s ancient cities.

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