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Monique: Diary 7

Diabetes has taught Monique to be more independent and has shaped her career goals.

Kevina: Diary 7

Kevina's thoughts on the perfect diabetes drug, and what diabetes has taught her.

Joe: Diary 7

Sometimes living with diabetes makes Joe stronger. Other times, it's a burden.

Doreese: Diary 8

Sharing stories about her pre-diabetes has made Doreese's life easier.

Misty Sings MyType2

A poet and musician, Misty is inspired to write a song called "MyType2."

Tim: Diary 7

Tim offers his tips on living with type 2.

Minnie: Diary 6

Minnie's learned to change her eating habits--and what her taste buds crave...

Get Moving Tip #4: Set Your Goal

Make your body your business. Set personal, realistic goals.

Tim: Diary 6

Tim interviews his mom about having a son with type 2 -- and living with type 1 herself.

Minnie Works It Out

Minnie faces one of her biggest struggles: exercise.

Eat Smart Tip #4: You Are What You Eat

Nutrition coach Kim gives some solid advice on how to eat smart.

Kevina: Diary 6

Kevina talks about the "diabetes police" in her life, and how it hard that can be.

Doreese: Diary 7

Doreese isn't different, she just has to do some things differently.

Misty: Diary 6

Misty controls diabetes -- and doesn't let it control her -- by making smart decisions.

Minnie: Diary 5

Her family helps Minnie manage diabetes, but it can be hard to do.

Monique: Diary 6

Monique feels that having diabetes has made her more independent.

Joe: Diary 6

Joe talks about changes in his eating habits.

Kevina: Diary 5

Adults expect Kevina to be an expert on diabetes, and this is frustrating.

Tim Shopping Like a Pro

Tim shows shopping smarts at the grocery store.

Take Charge Tip #4: Know Your Numbers

Coach Kirsten connects the dots between blood sugar, medical care, and your behaviors.

Eat Smart Tip #3: Size Matters

Nutrition coach Kim gives advice on keeping portion sizes in check.

Get Moving Tip #3: Go For the Feel Good

No more excuses! Coach Brandi says start exercising and go for the feelgood.

About My Type 2

Do you feel like the only one? You're not. There are millions of people on the planet living with type 2 diabetes. Every year more teens join this group. How do I live with it? How can I handle it? Will it change my life?

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