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My Joy Is Yours, Part 1

When the police arrive at a rowdy house party, they come across a dead body.

My Joy Is Yours, Part 2

A photo from the party of a man with a shaved head surfaces, but no one will identify him.

The Dead Remain Silent, Part 1

A doctor wakes up in a dingy room hooked up to an IV, but who is holding him hostage?

The Dead Remain Silent, Part 2

The well-liked doctor turns out to have more enemies than one might think.

Out of Reach, Part 1

A man drives onto a ferry but is dead by the time the boat docks.

Out of Reach, Part 2

Maria is ordered to take some time off. How long until she's back on the case?

Dark Intentions, Part 1

A couple is found murdered. Maria heads to Stockholm to learn more about their deaths.

Dark Intentions, Part 2

Two more murders with the same MO...Maria is convinced someone is not telling the truth.

About Murder in Sweden

On picturesque Swedish island, Maria juggles being a good mother and detective--all while sustaining her female perspective and approach to life--and solving some heinous crimes. From Walter Presents, in Swedish with English subtitles.

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