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Mapinguari: Fearsome Beast and Protector of the Amazon

Notoriously elusive, the mysterious Mapinguari lurks within the Amazon rainforest.

Why Has the Majestic Griffin Been Forgotten?

Why has The Griffin - a half-lion, half-eagle creature - largely been forgotten?

Have Humans Always Feared Sharks?

Despite being rare, Sharks and shark attacks are the most feared. Here's why.

Why the Dragon is Central to Chinese Culture

We explore why the Chinese Dragon is central figure in Chinese culture.

Adze: the Shapeshifting Firefly from West Africa

For some, the firefly is mystical, but in West-African cultures, it's a monster.

The Enchanting Fairies of Celtic Lore

Where do the Tuatha Dé Danann come from and how did they become the ancestors of Ireland?

About Monstrum

The world is full of monsters, myths, and legends and Monstrum isn’t afraid to take a closer look. The show, hosted by Emily Zarka, Ph.D., takes us on a journey to discover a new monster for each new episode. Monstrum looks at humans unique drive to create and shape monster mythology through oral storytelling, literature and film.

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