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Episode 1

Blanca and Dario must investigate the disappearance of Noelia Castaneda.

Episode 2

A private investigator is hired to track down Alvaro – a known friend of Noelia.

Episode 3

An outsider named Jesus Pacheco makes it clear that he is not afraid of Dario.

Episode 4

El Oro reaches the neighborhoods, sparking confrontations and betrayals between the clans.

Episode 5

Investigators find where the golden hash grows – and the car of a high-profile politician.

Episode 6

German Castaneda is imprisoned after his house is raided, but detectives doubt his guilt.

Episode 7

A flashback ties Pedro to Noelia, and he might be more involved than he lets on.

Episode 8

Quino and Blanca discover they must face their past to save themselves.

About Malaka

Inspector Blanca Gamez returns home to Malaga after 15 years away. Commissioner Esteban Sarabia, an old friend of her father’s, partners Blanca with Dario, a loose cannon. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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