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La Mafia non Esiste / The Mafia Doesn’t Exist

Salvatore falls in love with Alice. Salvatore’s father has a run-in with the Mafia.

Fidejussioni e Minchiate Varie / Guarantees and Other Crap

When Salvatore sees that his fears were unfounded, he decides to ask Alice out.

Uomini del Colorado / Men of Colorado

Salvatore discovers Palermo's dark side when an anti-mafia journalist visits his school.


Uncle Massimo wants to sell some land that belongs to the family, but grandpa won't budge.

Anche i mafiosi vanno in Paradiso / Even Mafiosos Go to Heav

Lorenzo and Pia worry when they discover that Salvatore keeps a diary about the Mafia.

Liggio + 2 / Liggio Plus Two

Salvatore's sister, Angela, seems to have found a new and better boyfriend, Alfonso.

Un cornuto e mezzo / A Cuckhold and a Half

Pia finds out that she did not get a permanent teaching role because the system is rigged.

Milinciane Ammattunate / Stuffed Aubergines

In prison, Massimo strikes up a friendship with a respected Mafia boss, Tommaso Buscetta.

Picciuli e Piruocchi / Money and Lice

Can Palermo beat Juventus in the Coppa Italia final and boost the city's fortunes?

Difendere la Democrazia / Protecting Democracy

Lorenzo comes to accept the idea of compromising in order to achieve his dream.

Gente di Parola / Men of Their Word

The new home is a burden on Lorenzo’s conscience. Salvatore sees something he shouldn't.

Piccolo Eroi / Little Heroes

Lorenzo must deal with Salvatore, who wishes to testify on behalf of his friend.

About Mafia Only Kills in Summer

Salvatore and his family try to avoid any involvement with the Mafia in Palermo, Sicily, during the roaring 1970s in this touching coming-of-age story. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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