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Beginning of the End

Madam Kukk and her girls settle in a villa that the Foreign Ministry councilor helped buy.

Arrivers and Leavers

Anastassia and Linda both have upsetting experiences with the Russian majors.

Future and Past

Mrs. Kukk finds out Carola’s real identity.


Carola reveals the dark secrets about the house and her past.

Visitors in the Night

A young lady asks for a job and swears revenge when Mrs. Kukk turns her down.


The girls start knitting white pullovers.

Flashes in the Sky

Palusalu’s jealous wife arrives at the house.

Plus 35

Metsla plans to form the Club as a working youth refresher school. The girls argue.

And Hop!

Vivian is injured during demonstrations and the girls attend a communist election circus.


The girls are preparing for Red October Day when the postman brings some miserable news.

About Madame K

The world-shattering events of World War II are told through the eyes of the people working at and frequenting Madame K’s elite brothel in the capital city of Tallinn. From Walter Presents, in Estonian with English subtitles.

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