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50 Years After Roe, Is Reporting on Abortion Still Too White

Are abortion seekers of color still a sidebar in reporting?

Reforming Prosecutor Power - Especially After Roe

What power to prosecutors have, especially now, after the overthrow of Roe.

A Forgotten Coup & Americans on the Frontlines of Democracy

Could a successful coup happen in the US? It has happened before.

Linda Villarosa: Is the End of Roe A Death Sentence?

Is the overturning of Roe v. Wade a death sentence for women of color?

Yellowstone: Can Indigenous Stewardship Save Our Parks

What do Indigenous people want for the future of Yellowstone and other National parks?

Militarization and Uvalde: the Context Media Coverage Omits

What is the media getting wrong — or right — on gun violence reporting?

Dollars and Democracy: Participatory Budgeting

Discussing participatory budgeting and its use when U.S. democracy is hanging by a thread.

Community Wealth Building

Discussing how to take Community Wealth Building to a whole new scale.

Imara Jones: The Anti-Trans Hate Machine

Imara Jones discusses the increasing government restrictions and the impacts on us all.

Abbott Elementary Teaches Us All

Discuss why educators, especially teachers of color, leaving the teaching profession.

Collective Real Estate: Land Without Landlords?

Can cooperation and shared stewardship be a route to realizing the “American Dream?”

Congressman Jamie Raskin On January 6th: After a Failed Coup

Laura interviews Jamie Raskin, Democratic Congressman from Maryland.

The Extremist Revolution & Democracy Hanging by a Thread

The American Right is embracing a dangerous extremism. How did we get here?

Beating Poverty by Investing in Teachers: A Labor Story

Can education be the driver of local economic and social development?

Ibram X. Kendi: How to Make America Antiracist?

How does the reaction against antiracist education hurt us all?

Greenpeace at 50

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Greenpeace and discuss the climate crisis.

Forget Everything You Know About Texas

Texas could be a predictor of how change happens when people organize differently.

Winning War, Building Peace

A roundtable of human rights advocates discuss the ongoing conflict In Ukraine.

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The Laura Flanders Show is back for a third season with in-depth interviews and ground-breaking field reports on the people and movements driving positive systemic change. This season increases its coverage of innovative economic models and ideas taking root across the country, including cooperative businesses, land trusts, community wealth building, participatory budgeting and universal income.

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