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Episode 1

During Brizan’s annual surfing party, a strange cloud falls abruptly on the ocean.

Episode 2

In Brizan, life seems to be back to normal, but in appearance only.

Episode 3

Brizan is again in state of alert.

Episode 4

Ben disagrees with the authorities’ decision to disperse the cloud using a drone.

Episode 5

The surfers who lost consciousness after the launch of the drone are finally back.

Episode 6

The life of the townspeople are now at stake.

About The Last Wave

In a quiet seaside resort in the Landes, a mysterious cloud coincides with the disappearance of a small group of surfers. Upon their return, they discover themselves endowed with strange powers. Two days later, the cloud strikes again: the life of the inhabitants and the surrounding landscape are turned upside down. Is Nature in a revolt? From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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