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Episode Clips

A thirty-minute decision

A thirty-minute decision divides Korea, a nation united for thousands of years.

Five Years After World War II

Just five years after World War II, the world needs saving again.

The War Against Communism

For a generation of young men, the war against Communism in Korea comes as a shock.

The Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis creates a moral dilemma for American troops.

WWII Heroes Meet Their Match

The heroes of World War II meet their match.

Korea: The Never Ending War | Lt. Richard Carey

Lt. Richard Carey narrowly avoids a sniper’s bullet at Incheon.

The Armistice

As negotiators discuss the Armistice, troops continue fighting along the border.

The Yalu River

The war takes a turn when China sends thousands of troops across the Yalu River.

Armistice Draws A New Border

The Armistice draws a new border across Korea and creates chaos.

Kim Il Sung Sends Assassins

The war nearly resumes after Kim Il Sung sends assassins to South Korea.

North Korea Promises To Disarm

In 1994, North Korea promises to disarm its nuclear program in return for increased aid.

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