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Episode 1

A Jewish boy, Mosze Bernsztajn, meets his idol, Jakub Szapiro.

Episode 2

Jakub prepares for the most critical boxing match of his life.

Episode 3

Moryc, Jakub’s brother, is beaten up at the University of Warsaw.

Episode 4

A demonstration of workers led by Kaplica clashes with nationalists led by Zwirski.

Episode 5

Radziwilek’s provocation succeeds.

Episode 6

Change is coming to Buddy Kaplica’s gang.

Episode 7

Szapiro thwarts Koc and Zwirski’s plan.

Episode 8

Members of the divided Kaplica gang turn against each other.

About The King of Warsaw

This mafiastory, set in 1937 Warsaw, is about violence, the lust for power and the pursuit of maintaining it at all costs. It is a look inside the gang that used to sow fear and submission in the Polish capital in the years leading up to World War II, using political conspiracy and gangster bloodletting to try and shape a nation. From Walter Presents, in Polish with English subtitles.

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