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How Blind People See With Sound

Blind YouTuber Molly Burke shows Joe Hanson a new way to see.

Apollo’s Most Important Discovery: Inside NASA’s Moon Rock V

Fifty years ago, we sent the first astronauts to walk on the moon’s face

1 MILLION Species Could Go Extinct… Here’s Why.

One million species may be at risk of extinction.

Is Your Eye Color Real?

ow does eye color work?

Why Do We Get Dizzy (…and Astronauts Don’t?)

We’ve all gotten dizzy before… but have you ever gotten WEIRD DIZZY?

The Mystery of the World’s Greatest Butterfly Migration

The monarch butterfly migration is one of nature’s greatest events.

How to be Crushed by the Atmosphere!

Air. I bet you never even notice that it’s there.

Why Are So Many People Allergic To Food?

Why Are So Many People Allergic To Food?

Where On Earth Do You Weigh The Least?

This video is all about the difference between mass and weight.

Are You Afraid of Holes?

Are You Afraid of Holes?

The Impossible Hugeness of Deep Time

Humans have a hard time with really big numbers, especially when it comes to DEEP TIME.

Is There Life on Earth?

If we lived light years from Earth, how would we know there’s life here?

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