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Books & the Pursuit of Dreams

Explore your dreams for the future and find power in books.

Intro to Jazz

Jazz is a genre of music that's African music played on European instruments.

Painting with Nature

You can make a beautiful painting - with just the materials you find at hand outside!

An Active Adventure

Can you follow instructions to get to Fen and Ivy’s house for a tea?

Signing the Alphabet

There are many ways to recite the alphabet - learn how to do it with your hands.

Your Voice Tells a Story

Get a "melodious" lesson on the many ways you can use your voice.

Coding Step by Step

Learn the basics of coding and want an algorithm means.

Acting Out Your Feelings

Learn how to use all your emotions in an acting game.

A Thyme-ly Lesson

A gardener shows us common herbs found in our gardens and explains some more unusual uses.

Make a Dance

Learn how to choreograph a dance that reflects our own personalities. Get moving!

Collage Creations

Turn catalogs and magazines into colorful, original pieces of art by creating collages.

Your Voice, Your Vote

Learn how to prepare to vote by using the game “Cast Your Vote.”

A Photography Lesson

Learn how to take exciting family portraits using objects that help "define" the subject.

Staying Fit Indoors

Take common items around the house and transform your home into a sports arena.

What's Up? Finding Polaris

"Up" is the night sky and we learn how to always locate Polaris, the North Star.

A Tangram Puzzle

Learn shapes and construct dozens of different puzzles.

How to Draw a Rabbit

Cartoonist Joe Wos takes you through the process of drawing a rabbit using only letters.

Building a Survival Shelter in your Backyard

Build a survival shelter using materials scattered around outside like sticks and leaves.

Searching for Critters

Get a hands-on look at exotic creatures and look for some in your own backyard.

A Paper Workout

Concepts like building and distribution of weight are demonstrated in this fun lesson.

Create an Obstacle Course

Builds an obstacle course in your driveway using chalk and items found around the house.

Learning to Sort

Take a walk outdoors to find and gather natural materials.

Science and Slushies

Demonstrating a cool scientific phenomenon using a bottle of water and a homemade freezer.

Home Alphabet Lesson

Select a letter of the alphabet and then find things around the house that begin with it.

History and Street Names

See how a neighborhood walk observing street name signs can lead to a history lesson.

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