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Episode 1

An MP seeks to ban a pesticide after his friend, a farmer, is diagnosed with Leukemia.

Episode 2

Upset about her father’s death, Chloe seeks to prove that his death wasn’t suicide.

Episode 3

Romain and Delpierre meet a scientist familiar with the side effects of Saskia's product.

Episode 4

Claire decides to help Chloe get answers about her father’s death.

Episode 5

Blackmail rears its ugly head as Delpierre takes to the airwaves to spread his message.

Episode 6

Chloe’s credibility crumbles after she is attacked, her claims dismissed as paranoia.

Episode 7

Romain's past is thrown in his face. Chloe is held against her will.

Episode 8

Claire wants to share what she knows but she must override a confidentiality clause first.

About The Inside Game

The marketing director of a multinational agrochemical company is discovered drowned in the Seine. An MP is fighting for a ban on a registered pesticide. A sick farmer files a complaint against the multinational that he accuses of being at the root of his disease. The stakes--political, ecological and financial--are high. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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