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Will this Alaskan be the first U.S. Olympic breakdancer?

Bri “Snap1” Pritchard is a b-girl from Anchorage eyeing the 2024 Olympics in France.

How Running Ultramarathons Saved Carol Seppilu's Life

Meet Carol Seppilu, a Siberian Yupik ultramarathon runner and suicide survivor.

Alaska cartoonist draws his experience with Parkinson’s

Peter Dunlap-Shohl was a cartoonist for The Anchorage Daily News

Crabbing beneath the Bering Sea Ice in Nome | INDIE ALASKA

Phillip Pryzmont checks his crab pots in the Bering Sea Ice in Nome, Alaska.

I am an Alaska Native Healer | INDIE ALASKA

Amelia Simeonoff uses ancient traditional practices to help Alaskans heal from trauma.

How to grow tea at -35°F | INDIE ALASKA

Tea connoisseur Jenny Tse takes us on a tour of the world's first geothermal tea farm.

About Indie Alaska

INDIE ALASKA is an original video series produced by Alaska Public Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. The weekly videos will capture the diverse and colorful lifestyles of everyday Alaskans at work and at play. Together, these videos will present a fresh and authentic look at living in Alaska. Music by Starship Amazing.

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