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Episode 1

The British arrive at their summer headquarters in northern India.

Episode 2

While Aafrin fights for his life, Ralph confronts the gunman in jail.

Episode 3

Sooni gets into trouble and witness-tampering runs riot.

Episode 4

The viceroy gets a royal welcome, but Ian gets bad news.

Episode 5

Ralph plays politics at his engagement bash and Eugene tells Cynthia a shocking secret.

Episode 6

Aafrin and Alice fight their growing attraction. Ralph’s covert mission is thwarted.

Episode 7

A murder confession, Aafrin is blackmailed, and the British Club performs Oscar Wilde.

Episode 8

When Ramu is tried for murder, Leena and Ian come to his defense.

Episode 9

Ramu’s fate is in Ralph's hands, Aafrin makes fateful decisions, and Ian is a local hero.

About Indian Summers

Set in a subtropical paradise during the twilight era of the British Empire, Indian Summers explores the collision of the ruling class English with their Indian subjects, and the intricate game of power, politics and passion that ensues.

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