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Episode 1

Juan Elias wakes from a car crash with amnesia, a suspect in his niece's disappearance.

Episode 2

The investigation into Ana's disappearance begins.

Episode 3

Eva thinks Elias' amnesia is a lie. Giralt learns that Elias was drugged before the crash.

Episode 4

Retracing his steps, Elias finds some of Ana's belongings – leading him to Hector Castro.

Episode 5

Elias learns that Ana was planning to catch a flight to Thailand.

Episode 6

Elias and Alicia begin their own investigation, working as a team.

Episode 7

Alicia gives up the name of her mole to Eva – if Eva will spend the day with Elias.

Episode 8

Elias goes to prison and finds clues linking Heredia to Ana's absence.

Episode 9

With Heredia in custody, Elias feels he's closer than ever to securing his freedom.

Episode 10

Juan Elias has started to remember everything and shares his secrets with Alicia.

Episode 11

Alicia has been stabbed and Santi Mur is the main suspect.

Episode 12

Imprisoned, Heredia continues to plan his revenge against his former partner.

Episode 13

Alicia wakes up believing that Elias was the one who stabbed her, but can she prove it?

Episode 14

Pol tries to reconstruct his father’s plan. Meanwhile, Julieta has been kidnapped.

Episode 15

Ana is free, but in a catatonic state.

Episode 16

After Ramon Saura's funeral, Ana decides to talk to the press.

About I Know Who You Are

Juan Elias is a successful lawyer and ethics professor, with lofty aspirations. Then he turns up with no ID, no cell phone--nothing to identify him--with total amnesia. From Walter Presents, in Spanish with English subtitles.

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