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Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Challenges

Research into what makes people resilient after trauma has identified common factors.

Helping People Who Are Homeless

Explore strategies to make mental health services a priority in addressing homelessness.

The Intersection of Physical & Mental Health

Experts share their experiences working on the forefront of health care integration.

Minority Issues in Mental Health Care

Explore issues many minority communities face in seeking help for mental health issues.

Youth & The Criminal Justice System

New perspectives on the juvenile justice system aim to rehabilitate rather than punish.

Crisis Text Line

A national hotline allows someone in crisis to reach out by text 24 hours a day.

Chemical Dependency & the Opioid Epidemic

A well-rounded approach to drug addiction treats the brain's rewards and memory centers.

Stem Cell Research & Mental Health

Scientists can re-program adult skin and blood cells to advance the detection of diseases.

Youth Mental Wellness

Explore how school, teachers and parents can help normalize mental health issues.

Anxiety in Children, Teens & Young Adults

Experts discuss treatment options for anxiety geared specifically to young patients.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Pioneering work with magnets can help treat depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Treatment Resistant Depression&Rapid-Acting Antidepressants

The drug ketamine may be one of the most important developments for treating depression.

About Healthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein

Healthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein aims to remove the stigma of mental illness and demonstrate that with help, there is hope. The series humanizes common psychiatric conditions through inspiring personal stories, as well as, experts sharing cutting edge information, including new-approaches and next-generation therapies in diagnostics, treatment and research.

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