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Episode 1

A sniper who leaves no trace is terrorizing the city.

Episode 2

The murder of her partner changes everything and Jane agrees to assist the investigation.

Episode 3

The shooter claims two more victims as Jane tries to grapple with a case from her past.

Episode 4

The shooter’s attacks are escalating with the Task Force no closer to his apprehension.

Episode 5

The shooter hacks Jane’s phone and they continue their conversation.

Episode 6

The shooter displays his hacking skills when he takes control of the Minister’s car.

Episode 7

The police at last know the shooter’s identity.

Episode 8

Jane confronts the shooter as he prepares for a final act.

About Halifax: Retribution

A sniper is on the loose, as Jane Halifax comes back to the rescue to find the sniper before it’s too late. 20 years on the race for answers is more important than ever.

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