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Falstaff's Plan and Pistol's Revenge

Falstaff plans to woo Madam Page and Madam Ford, and Pistol sees his opportunity.

The Merry Wives' Revenge on Falstaff

Madam Ford and Madam Page get their revenge on Falstaff in the laundry room.

Adapting Merry Wives For Today's Audiences

Hear from the cast and crew behind Merry Wives about they made the play resonate today.

The Cast of Merry Wives Share Their Favorite Lines

Watch as the cast of Merry Wives share their favorite lines from the show.

If the Merry Wives Cast Could Switch Roles

The cast of Merry Wives contemplate what role other than their own they'd like to play.

Merry Wives Receive Falstaff's Letters

Madam Ford and Madam Page receive Falstaff's love letters.

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