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Episode 6 | Roaring Back

Meet the park’s new lion cubs, and discover a huge nesting colony of water birds.

Episode 5 | Battle Lines

Witness a breakthrough with the elephants and a conflict among Gorongosa’s dominant lions.

Episode 4 | Hidden Worlds

Discover a huge population of crocs and forests full of new species and unexplored caves.

Episode 3 | New Blood

Watch the massive relocation mission to bring back zebra and Africa's largest antelope.

Episode 2 | Elephant Whisperer

Join Bob Poole and his sister, Joyce, to gain insights into elephant behavior.

Episode 1 | Lion Mystery

Investigate a baffling mystery: why Gorongosa's lion population isn't growing.

About Gorongosa Park

Experience the inspiring rebirth of an African wilderness through the eyes of Emmy Award-winning wildlife cameraman Bob Poole. Darting lions, wrestling crocs, facing down angry elephants - it's all part of a day's work as he joins the battle to re-wild a legendary national park.

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