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For Sama

An intimate yet epic journey into one young mother’s experience of the Syrian conflict.

Kids Caught in the Crackdown/Iraq's Secret Sex Trade

A 2-part hour on mass confinement of migrant children and sexual exploitation in Iraq.

In the Age of AI

In a 2-hour documentary, FRONTLINE explores the promise and perils of AI.

Fire in Paradise

A year after the devastating Camp Fire, who’s to blame and why was it so catastrophic?

Zero Tolerance

How Trump turned immigration into a powerful political weapon that fueled division.

On The President's Orders

With unprecedented access, an on-the-ground look at President Duterte's deadly drug war.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

FRONTLINE investigates the rise of Mohammed bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

Flint's Deadly Water

Investigating the deadly toll from the Flint water crisis.

Sex Trafficking in America

Unimaginable stories of young women coerced into prostitution.

Supreme Revenge

Inside the no-holds-barred war for control of the Supreme Court.

Trump's Trade War

The inside story of President Trump’s gamble to confront China over trade.

The Last Survivors

Some of the last survivors of the Holocaust talk about its lingering impact.

The Abortion Divide

Stories of women dealing with unplanned pregnancies in a community divided over abortion.

Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore

A U.S. veteran fights to reunite her family after her undocumented husband is deported.

The Mueller Investigation

With the Mueller report complete, a look back at how we arrived at this moment.

The Trial of Ratko Mladić

Ratko Mladić went on trial for some of the worst atrocities in Europe since the Holocaust.

Right to Fail

Investigating the NY effort to let those with severe mental illnesses live on their own.

Predator on the Reservation

An investigation into the failure to stop a pediatrician accused of sexual abuse.

Coal's Deadly Dust/Targeting Yemen

Reports on a severe black lung epidemic, and the U.S. fight against Al Qaeda in Yemen.


FRONTLINE explores and illuminates the critical issues of our times - from business and health to social issues, politics and war.

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