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The U.S. of Agriculture

From the Founding Farmers to the modern Farm Bill, what has 200 years of progress brought?

Wild Food, I Think I Love You

Once, wild food was all there was. If you didn’t pick, catch, or kill it, you didn’t eat.

Food on the Brain

Explore the disconnect between the belly and the brain and our national eating disorder.

Make Food, Not Waste

Americans throw away 34 million tons of food each year, a quarter of the groceries we buy.

Quest for Water

How can agriculture use less water and still grow enough food for everyone?

Food (Justice) for All

All across the country, the ways and means of America's small farmers are evolving.

The Future of Food

A new breed of passionate farmers, chefs and scientists are revamping our food system.

School Lunch Revival

Affordable school lunches don't necessarily mean healthy school lunches.

Modern Milk

American dairy is undergoing a renaissance.

SOS: Save Our Soil

The top six inches of soil are the most precious, yet least understood ecosystem on earth.

Seeds of Change

Seeds represent hope, a new beginning. Explore the battle over GMOs.

The Meat of the Matter

Cheap meat is actually quite costly, taking its toll on America’s health and environment.

Go Fish!

By mid-century, 90 percent of the world’s commercial fish may be tapped out.

About Food Forward

Food Forward: Urban Agriculture Across America is a half-hour, character-driven survey of urban farming across the country. In the pilot, we meet the food rebels who are growing food right where we live--in cities.

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