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Jon Batiste Ancestor Seen As "Property"

Jon Batiste's ancestor, at age 3, is listed on a ledger as being someone’s "property."

Jon Batiste’s Ancestor Signs Name With “X”

Jon Batiste discovers his ancestor signed his name with “X” when registering to vote.

Jon Batiste's Grandmother Moves to Oregon

Dr. Gates reveals why Jon Batiste's grandmothermoved from Georgia to Oregon.

Sterling K. Brown Recalls Last Moment He Saw His Dad Alive

Sterling K. Brown emotionally recalls seeing his Dad for the last time before his death.

Sterling K. Brown Learns About His Grandmother's Death

Sterling K. Brown learns that his father also lost a parent at a very young age.

Sterling K. Brown Discovers Rare Roots

Dr. Gates reveals Sterling K. Brown's rare ancestry.

Sasheer Zamata's Great-Grandfather Founded the Town of Fargo

Sasheer Zamata's ancestor used 40 acres of his farm to a found a town for black homeowners

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