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Missing Pieces

Even across oceans and death we never forget the ones we love.

Beyond Her Years

Three young women confront prejudice and predation while navigating the adult world.

Finding Home

Family is found in unlikely places in these two short films.

Woman's Best Friend

Two women must choose between their beloved dogs and their futures.

Hard Times

No one said life was easy. Two short films look at life as an outsider.

Anxiety Ridden

Anxiety plagues the protagonists in three short films by student filmmakers.

A Dark Place

Life on the streets is unpredictable and filled with tough choices in these short films.

Surreal Life

A surreal mash-up of shorts with reincarnation, boy bands, a frog dance party, and more.

Women on the Verge

Two stories of love. Love for boys and a love for eggs.

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From dramas to rom-coms, watch award-winning short films that bring you Hollywood quality without the three-hour run time. Film School Shorts is a weekly series showcasing indie films with blockbuster talent, including Frances Conroy, Anna Camp, and more!

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