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Facing South: How Tijuana is Shifting Its Investments

Josue Beltran Cortez explains how border dynamics are changing south of the border.

Changing Dynamics: How A Reimagined Border Brings New Risks

A historian explains why the risk of crossing today’s border may not be worth the rewards.

A Citizen of Two Worlds: How One Man Sees Beauty In Contrast

An environmentalist explains why the San Diego – Tijuana border is so dynamic.

How Topography Influenced Border Lines

An environmentalist explains how topography influenced the Mexico-United States border.

The Natural Evolution of the Border Fence

A brief history of the San Diego-Tijuana border from a patrol agent.

The Unintended Results of Border Protection

Economist James Gerber discusses complex intersections between San Diego & Tijuana.

A Look Inside a Shelter for Migrants in Tijuana

Friar Pat Murphy runs the Casa del Migrante and helps migrants on their journey.

The Rhetoric of Immigration Policy

A professor examines the discrepancies between the reality of immigration and policy.

Exploring San Diego’s “Distant” Relationship with Tijuana

A sociology professor speaks about the role immigrants play in the United States.

Friendship Park: Making Friends Through The Fence

Friendships are forging at a garden situated between the United States & Mexico.

A Reluctant Binational Region: A Journalist's Perspective

Journalist Greg Moran discusses his perspective on the San Diego-Tijuana border.

A Father Questions The Ethics Behind His Deportation

A father talks about his deportation, and the family he left behind.

Across the Fence: A Family Split Between Borders

A recent deportee struggles with a decision: build a new life or try to reunite w/ family.

Protecting the Border

Arturo Payan shares his experiences as a Border Patrol agent in the San Diego sector.

About Facing North

Facing North is a documentary web series that explores the multidimensional dynamics between the United States and Mexico through the lens of the San Diego-Tijuana border region, and the people who live around it.

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