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Far From Civilization

Steve and Aldo meet trail cutters who will join them on their trek.

An Imitation of the Coral Snake

As night falls, Aldo and Steve join Vanessa, an expert biologist, in search of animals.

Modern Day Prospectors

The team meets with workers supervising an illegal mining operation in Suriname.

A Stingray Encounter

Jungle survival experts Jan Willem and Diego Graanoogst join Steve on his expedition.

Admiring the Suriname River

Steve and Aldo take a moment to appreciate the environment around them before sunset.

Jungle Flights

Suriname’s jungles are some of the toughest on the planet.

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Mexico – Flooded Caves

Dive into a network of unexplored underwater caves in Mexico with Steve Backshall.

Borneo – Dark Shadow

Follow Steve Backshall into a Bornean cave system.

Bhutan – White Water

Join Steve Backshall on his quest to kayak the last unrun river in Bhutan.

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