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Searching for Water

Steve Backshall and a team of experts prepare to descend a canyon in Oman.

Finding a Carpet Viper

During an abseil, the team stumbles upon a highly venomous saw-scaled viper.

Shaped by Water

Despite how dry Oman is, water has played a large role in shaping the country's landscape.

Steve and Aldo’s Training Diary

Steve and Aldo film the wildlife and landscape of Oman during their abseil training.

The Longest Abseil

Learn the challenges faced with a drop of about 400 meters whilst abseiling Jebel Shams.

More Episodes

Greenland - Frozen Frontier

Join Steve Backshall and explore the Arctic during its most volatile time of year.

Suriname – Lost World

Travel to the Guiana Shield, where Steve Backshall searches for new wildlife.

Mexico – Flooded Caves

Dive into a network of unexplored underwater caves in Mexico with Steve Backshall.

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