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Packing a Kayaking Kit

Aldo packs the kayaks while Steve attempts to get a better look at the fjord conditions.

Day One in Greenland

The team goes over safety for their trip along the longest fjord system on the planet.

Warding Off a Polar Bear

The crew spots a lone polar bear wandering toward their camp in search of food.

Refueling on the Fjord

After kayaking the fjord for an hour, Steve, Aldo and Sarah stop to eat and hydrate.

More Episodes

Suriname – Lost World

Travel to the Guiana Shield, where Steve Backshall searches for new wildlife.

Mexico – Flooded Caves

Dive into a network of unexplored underwater caves in Mexico with Steve Backshall.

Borneo – Dark Shadow

Follow Steve Backshall into a Bornean cave system.

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