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The Ancient Human Species With A Missing Body

Would it really be impossible for us to reconstruct their morphology?

Why Sour May Be The Oldest Taste

Sour used to be the taste of danger. But, now its role has reversed.

How the Smallest Animal Got So Simple

This tiny, simple animal, the Myxozoans, evolved from something bigger and more complex.

The Extreme Hyenas That Didn't Last

Only a few million years ago, Hyenas lived very different lives from what we know today.

The Sudden Rise of the First Colossal Animal

A truly enormous ichthyosaur reached its size within just a few million years.

When a Giant Pterosaur Ruled the European Islands

The giant pterosaur's occupied the empty Hateg Island.

Why We Only Have Ten Toes (It's a Long Story)

We learn why all mammals today, from humans to bats, have five fingers or fewer.

How Horses Went From Food To Friends

With evidence from from art, archaeology, and ancient DNA, we put together horses history.

How Vertebrates Got Teeth... And Lost Them Again

Here's why teeth would go on to disappear in some groups of vertebrate.

Primates vs Snakes (An Evolutionary Arms Race)

The Snake Detection Hypothesis is deeply embedded in primates, including us.

How Our Deadliest Parasite Turned To The Dark Side

Around 10,000 years ago, a parasite made a huge leap and found its way to a new host: Us.

When Pterosaurs Walked

Here's how pterosaurs went from being airborne to pedestrian.

The Fossil Record In Your Mouth

Dental calculus is the only part of your body that actually fossilizes while you're alive!

Why The Paleo Diet Couldn't Save The Neanderthals

Here's why these skilled toolmakers, hunters, and foragers' population disappeared.

When It Was Too Hot for Leaves

For the first 80 million years of plants' existence, leaves didn't exist. Here's why.

How Dinosaurs Coupled Up

We learn about Dinosaur mating behavior from fossil records.

How Ancient Whales May Have Changed the Deep Ocean

Here's how the evolution of ocean-going whales affected deep-ocean communities.

When Mammals Only Went Out At Night

Scientists discover dinosaurs and tiny mammals' sleep habits are different than thought.

How a Mass Extinction Event Created the Amazon

The history of how the Amazon's revolution began in just one day.

How a Supervolcano Ignited an Evolutionary Debate

Discover the effects of the Toba supervolcano.

How Pollination Got Going Twice

Pollination by insects actually got going twice.

The Creature That Stumped Darwin

The Toxodon fossils help reveal the mystery surrounding evolution.

How the Starfish Got Its Arms

The Story of How the Starfish Got its Arms Reminds us that Animals have Deep Histories.

Where Are All the Medium-Sized Dinosaurs?

Learn More about the Very Rare Medium-Sized Dinosaurs.

The Island of the Last Surviving Mammoths

The very last mammoths that ever lived experienced what’s known as a mutational meltdown.

The Traits That Spawned the Age of Mammals

Some Mammal Traits Show Up a Lot Earlier and in Things That Weren’t Mammals at All.

Did These Giant Sloths Poop Themselves to Death?

Find out if Sloths Really Did Poop Themselves to Death.

About Eons

Join hosts Hank Green, Kallie Moore, and Blake de Pastino as they take you on a journey through the history of life on Earth. From the dawn of life in the Archaean Eon through the Mesozoic Era — the so-called “Age of Dinosaurs” -- right up to the end of the most recent Ice Age.

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