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WHY SLAVERY? I Was a Yazidi Slave | Crimes Against Humanity

Bringing modern slavery - a crime against humanity - to the International Criminal Court.

WHY SLAVERY? I Was a Yazidi Slave | Giving Back

Event after her own experience, Yazidi woman Dalal shares why giving back is necessary.

WHY SLAVERY? I Was A Yazidi Slave | Enslaved and Abandoned

Once enslaved, Yazidi women and girls are now rejected by their own people.

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WHY SLAVERY? Maid in Hell

Can an employment system hide a reality of torture and humiliation?

WHY SLAVERY? North Korea's Secret Slaves: Dollar Heroes

How does North Korea fulfill their nuclear agenda? By selling their people as laborers.

WHY SLAVERY? Selling Children

Is poverty, illiteracy and corruption raising a generation of children for sale?

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