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Keep It A Secret | Discovering Ireland's Waves

Surfing pioneer Kevin Naughton recounts the first time he discovered Ireland's waves.

Keep It A Secret | "The Troubles" of Ireland

The beginnings of The Troubles conflict in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Keep It A Secret | The Inspiration Behind the Film

Filmmaker Sean Duggan reveals who and what influenced him to make the documentary.

Keep It A Secret | Eurosurf 1972

In 1972, Ireland was the host of the Eurosurf Championship in the midst of The Troubles.

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Ganden: A Joyful Land

The last generation of monks to have studied where the Dalai Lama’s lineage began.

The Accused: Damned or Devoted?

Powerful cleric Khadim Rizvi has one mission: to preserve Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Afghanistan: The Wounded Land - Part 4: Trap

After 9/11, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan. Many Afghans hoped for peace and democracy.

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