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How Hoverflies Spawn Maggots that Sweeten Your Oranges

As they gorge, oblique streaktail hoverflies help keep orange trees safe from disease.

Yellowjackets Roll Tiny Meatballs For The Babies

Why is that yellowjacket crashing your BBQ? She’s gathering food for the nest’s larvae.

This Nasty Parasite Is Ruining Monarch Butterfly Wings

Explore Ophryocystis elektroscirrham and all the ways to help the Monarch butterflies.

Fire Ants Turn Into a Stinging Life Raft to Survive Floods

Floating colonies of red fire ants are a risk for people wading through floodwater.

Backswimmer Insects Drag Prey Into the Upside Down

These voracious predators cruise belly up below the surface of a pond or gentle stream.

Watch Barn Owls Swallow Rodents Whole

Barn owls turn mice, gophers and voles into balls of fur and bones known as pellets.

Carpenter Bees Stab Flowers to Steal Their Nectar

It’s called nectar robbing: Bees get nectar, but don’t pollinate the plants in exchange.

Don't Go Chasing Water Bugs

Giant water bugs pack one of the most painful bites of any insect, but they're great dads.

This Freaky Fruit Fly Lays Eggs in Your Strawberries

The spotted wing drosophila may look like a common fruit fly, but it’s so much worse.

Silkworms Spin Cocoons That Spell Their Own Doom

Those precious silk garments in your closet were made by the caterpillars of a fuzzy moth.

Barnacles Go To Unbelievable Lengths to Hook Up

Barnacles might look like jagged little rocks, but they have a surprisingly wild sex life.

Honeypot Ants Turn Their Biggest Sisters Into Jugs of Nectar

Honeypot ants stuff members of their own colony until they look like tiny water balloons.

The Vinegaroon Sprays Acid to Foil Its Foes

What animal sprays acid that reeks of vinegar from its rear end? A vinegaroon, of course.

This Mushroom Tricks Flies By Faking Its Own Death

The cage fungus looks and smells like decaying meat — on purpose.

Flying Termites Take a Dangerous Journey to a New Life

Subterranean termites fly off in swarms, and then drop their wings to start new colonies.

These Stick Insects Are Three Times Weirder Than You Think

A twig is actually just one of many disguises for the Australian walking stick insect.

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