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Upcycle Bags Into a Plarn Jump Rope

Transform ordinary bags into plarn (plastic + yarn = plarn) to make jump rope.

Write Secret Crayon Messages

In this activity, use the crayon resist painting technique to write secret messages!

Craft a Nature Dragonfly

Create beautiful dragonflies using objects you can find on a nature walk.

Craft a Colorful Hummingbird Feeder

Observe one of the world’s smallest birds by making a feeder for hummingbirds!

Make a Bubble Bottle Fish

Upcycle materials to make your own plastic bottle fish in this activity!

Make an Upcycled Jellyfish

Creatively reuse plastic bags to create this mesmerizing jellyfish in a bottle.

Bake Gingerbread Letters

Make gingerbread cookies in the shape of the alphabet with this simply delicious activity.

Play Letter Hopscotch

Grab some sidewalk chalk and take learning outdoors by making a letter hopscotch.

Create Circle Geometric Art

Your child can make beautiful circle art in this activity!

Make a Chinese Rattle Drum

Use this fun craft activity to learn about this fun Chinese instrument!

Make Russian Nesting Dolls

Explore more about Russian culture by making Russian nesting dolls as a fun craft!

Create Glowing Water

Learn about a creature's ability to make its own glowing light with this activity!

Make Edible Dirt Cups

Learn about the different types of soil and make an edible “dirt” cup.

Peg’s Giant Dice Game

Play more math games with Peg + Cat!

Put on a Puppet Show

Explore more shapes and stories with Peg + Cat!

Use Math While Baking Peg’s Honey Cake

Join Peg + Cat to find math in the kitchen and everywhere else!

Make Leaf-Imprinted Ornaments

Make art with nature and Nature Cat!

Make Bite-Sized Planet Pops

Explore the solar system on Ready Jet Go with these cake pop planets!

Make Three Kid-Friendly Rice Dishes

Try these kid-friendly rice dishes from around the world!

Make Three Kid-Friendly Noodle Soup Dishes

Try these kid-friendly noodle soup recipes from around the world!

Plant a Terrarium

Discover more about the plant world with Nature Cat!

Make Mystery Footprints

Solve math mysteries with Odd Squad!

Make a Galaxy in a Jar

Tour the galaxies on Ready Jet Go!

Craft a Pine Cone Rabbit

Create a woodland creature out of a material easily found in nature: a pine cone!

Make Sun Prints

In this activity, observe the sun’s energy while also experiencing nature and making art!

Salt Painting Our Solar System

Help your child learn about our place in space with this salty art project!

Make a Moon Phase Necklace

Explore the moon cycle by making a necklace that illustrates the phases of the moon.

Build Paper Polyhedrons Shapes

Fold and glue paper to build 3D shapes while learning math vocabulary like the Odd Squad!

Craft a Secret Message Card

Like the Odd Squad, practice math and writing skills while creating a secret message!

Build Edible Nests

In this activity, build a one-of-a-kind bird nest and then snack on it afterward!

Build Your Own Volcano

Learn how a volcano forms and what causes it to erupt in this classic experiment.

Make Dinosaur Footprints and Trackways

You can learn a lot by looking at a dinosaur’s footprint! Create your own with paint.

Make Dinosaur Feet

Stomp around like Buddy and make your own dinosaur feet out of tissue boxes!

Make Your Own Paper

Making homemade paper provides a hands-on example of how we can help save the environment.

Scent Memory Game

Put your nose to the test with this scent matching activity!

My Ice Observation

Transform a liquid into a solid (and vice versa) with this colorfully cold experiment.

Make an Awesome Shapely Kite

Build a paper bag kite with your child and learn more about lines, sides and angles!

About Crafts for Kids

Focusing on simple, fun and family-friendly projects, this weekly series encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their kids making crafts. Many of the projects include recyclable materials, things you already have in your home, and feature PBS KIDS characters.

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