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Episode 5 | In-Group/Out-Group

David shows that a single word label can decide over how much you care for one in pain.

Episode 5 | Discerning Babies

Humans come equipped with social antennae.

Episode 5 | The Amazing Case of John Robison

One man's transformation reveals something that we all unconsciously do every day.

Episode 5 | Mirroring Others

Why do we mimic each other’s facial expressions?

Episode 5 | What Is Empathy?

This ability to feel another’s pain explains why stories can be so powerful.

Episode 5 | Social Pain Is Real Pain

Social pain activates the brain’s pain matrix.

Episode 5 | The Massacre of Srebrenica

Can genocide be understood as a neural phenomenon?

Episode 5 | Destroying Empathy

Propaganda plugs directly into neural networks, enabling dehumanization.

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Who will we Be?

Journey into the future and ask what’s next for the human brain, and for our species.

How Do I Decide?

A journey through the unseen world of decisions, and how they get made.

Who Is in Control?

Learn how the unconscious brain controls much of who we are and what we do.

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