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Episode Clips

All Is Not as It Seems

David explains how the brain is tricked by the checker shadow illusion.

Episode 1 | Messing with Reality

David Eagleman experiences a new visual reality – with nauseating consequences.

Episode 1 | Brain City

The brain is a vast interconnected network of areas that communicate with each other.

Episode 1 | Our Perception of Reality

David invites subjects to an experiment that demonstrates how much our brains leave out.

Episode 1 | Alternate Realities: Synesthesia

Hannah describes her synesthesia, a condition that fascinates neuroscientists.

Episode 1 | Why Time Seems to Slow When We Are in Extremes

Wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss describes his agonizing experience of time distortion.

Episode 1 | How the Brain Creates Reality

David explains how the brain experiences the outside world without ever having seen it.

More Episodes

What Makes Me?

How the brain gives rise to our thoughts, emotions, our memories and personality.

Who Is in Control?

Learn how the unconscious brain controls much of who we are and what we do.

How Do I Decide?

A journey through the unseen world of decisions, and how they get made.

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