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Episode 2 | Stressed Teens

An experiment in a shop window demonstrates why teens feel far more stressed than adults.

Episode 2 | Your Job Can Reshape Your Brain

The brains of London taxi drivers were tracked before, during and after their training.

Episode 2 | Nuns and the Aging Brain

A study of nuns’ brains shows us how to best protect our brains as we age.

Episode 2 | Inside a Child's Brain

The process of becoming someone is about pruning back the brain’s connections.

Episode 2 | Stuck in the Present

The case of Henry Molaison reveals an important discovery for neuroscience.

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Who Is in Control?

Learn how the unconscious brain controls much of who we are and what we do.

How Do I Decide?

A journey through the unseen world of decisions, and how they get made.

Why Do I Need You?

How the human brain depends on other brains to thrive and survive.

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