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Episode 1

Following a tragedy, Interpol steps up efforts to capture a Balkan heroin smuggler.

Episode 2

Crime boss Dardan buries his daughter and forces Uros to make amends.

Episode 3

Uros struggles with being a hitman, but he will do what he must to protect his family.

Episode 4

Uros's life has flipped upside down, and his marriage is showing cracks.

Episode 5

Interpol keeps the pressure on Uros as he struggles to balance his two lives.

Episode 6

Hashim is coerced into a compromising position, putting Dardan in danger.

Episode 7

When Uros hears of Dardan's assassination, he begins to hope life can return to normal.

Episode 8

Uros is missing, his wife is being questioned and his family is in disarray.

Episode 9

Dardan offers Uros guidance even as his own life is falling apart.

Episode 10

Uros completes his five contracts. Is he free, or has he gone too far over the line?

About Besa: Blood Oath

A car accident changes everything for an ordinary family man. From Walter Presents, in Serbian with English subtitles.

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