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Episode 1

A train is hijacked by three armed men, and the 15 passengers onboard are hostages.

Episode 2

Fired for her unauthorized interview, Naja is the only one the attackers will talk to.

Episode 3

The attackers try to arrange another interview with Naja. One of the hostages is ill.

Episode 4

Silas shares information that suggests one of the attackers may be tied to the military.

Episode 5

Philip discovers the attackers? garage--which has pictures of him all over the wall.

Episode 6

Naja alerts Louise that she is at risk. Jonas is arrested and brought in for questioning.

Episode 7

Naja volunteers to go into the Metro for a live interview with the hostages and captors.

Episode 8

Philip goes in to free the last three hostages and ends up forced to reveal his secrets.

About Below the Surface (Gidseltagningen)

Philip Norgaard is a Danish war hero who escaped captivity in the Middle East. Back in Copenhagen, he’s the leader of the Secret Service’s Terror Task Force, and in an on-again/off-again relationship with Louise Falck--a hostage negotiator. This thriller examines crisis response among the victims, politicians, the media and bystanders. From Walter Presents, in Danish with English subtitles.

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