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Jeremy, a talented hacker, gets approached to join a gang of thieves.

Rogue Device

In order for the group to trust him, Jeremy has to prove himself.


The robbers must find a target to blackmail in order to get more info on the bank.

Tel Aviv

Jeremy’s malware has been found and the bank is panicking.


When the gang becomes more violent, Jeremy wants out. But it's never as easy as it seems.

The Hack

In Germany, the heist is underway.


After the heist, Jeremy goes to the police to tell them the truth.

Money In My Wallet

Everything nearly spirals out of control when the Belgian police catch up to Jeremy.

About The Bank Hacker

After two years in prison, professional con man Alidor Van Praet needs to rebuild the fortune the police seized from him. When he discovers 20-year-old Jeremy Peeters’ hacking skills, he knows this shy kid is the key to making it happen. But as the heist unfolds and events take an unexpected turn, who is really in control? From Walter Presents, in Flemish with English subtitles.

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