E15 | Invasive Plants, Bidet Toilet | Ask This Old House

Lee Gilliam helps a homeowner clean up his backyard by removing a diseased tree and shows how to remove and maintain invasive plants; Mark McCullough discusses the function of chimney caps, options available, and how homeowners can know if they need to install one; Richard Trethewwey installs a toilet with a built-in bidet for a homeowner and shares the variety of options available.

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E20 | Rain Barrel, Pooling Patio | Ask This Old House

Jenn and Nathan install a rain barrel; Mark installs a drain; the team shares new tools.

E19 | Radiant Floor, Cable Railings | Ask This Old House

Richard installs radiant heating; Nathan talks cable railings; Jenn reviews the USDA map.

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E18 | Shade Sod, Rocky Canyon Rustic | Ask This Old House

Lee installs shade-tolerant sod; Ross discusses heat pumps; Kevin builds a side table.

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