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Episode 1

Angela returns to her hometown, crushed after her son's death.

Episode 2

Elena's death forces the trio on the road.

Episode 3

A short and chaotic detour through a funfair leads the small family to Rome.

Episode 4

Angela tells Bruno and Valentina her story.

Episode 5

Kim rescues the runaways and takes them to a mountainside city.

Episode 6

Angela and the children are safe in the monastery, but the moment of truth is approaching.

About Angela (Come Una Madre)

Angela Graziani has lost her son Matteo. In crisis, she seeks refuge in her family's Tuscan home and meets Elena, mother to Bruno and Valentina -who are more or less the same age as her Matteo. When Elena asks Angela to watch the children for a few hours, Angela’s life takes a tumultuous turn. From Walter Presents, in Italian with English subtitles.

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