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Episode 1

Agnieszka is investigating a girl?s death in Opole: all evidence points to ritual murder.

Episode 2

Agnieszka comes across a similar murder from months prior. Ewa becomes an easy target.

Episode 3

Agnieszka is convinced the killer has already begun his search for the next victim.

Episode 4

Ewa is found in the forest, the ritual unfinished. Will Agnieszka be able to save her?

Episode 5

Agnieszka finds a clue looking through older cases. She also makes a personal connection.

Episode 6

Monika begins to understand. Agnieszka is worried about Jola?s safety.

Episode 7

Desperate to find Jola, Agnieszka meets a priest and learns about her own mother?s death.

About Angel of Death

A lost in life policewoman from a small town must face her distant past to solve the crimes of the present in this psychological thriller. From Walter Presents, in Polish with English subtitles.

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